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4 Seller Tips to a Smooth Home Inspection

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4 Seller Tips to a Smooth Home Inspection

Syracuse NY 4 Home Seller Tips for a Smooth Home Inspection

When it comes to selling a home the most important thing a homeowner can do is BE PREPARED. Knowing what to expect, understanding of the process, and what everyone’s roles are, will help alleviate a big part of the eventual stress of selling a home in the Greater Syracuse NY area.


With the millions of things home sellers need to do prior to getting their home on the market typically including getting their homes ready for sale, familiarizing oneself with the process and getting their team into place, one overlooked source of stress that all too often causes a good deal to go bad is the dreaded home inspection. The best way for a Central New York owner to prevent a home inspection from causing a home sale to fall apart is by getting a Pre-Home Sale Home Inspection. Like the inspection a home buyer has after they have a purchase contract on a house, a pre-home sale home inspection should be done by an inspector who is Licensed in New York state and preferably a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  The pre-sale home inspection gives the owner the opportunity to address any potential health and safety issues with the house as well as get an objective opinion on some issues with the house they may have known about and thought they were not a big deal. Here are four tips to help home sellers prepare for a buyer’s home inspection.

Expect the Unexpected

Now even if you have had a pre-home sale home inspection, not all home inspectors (like doctors, mechanics, etc.) will have the same opinion regarding their findings. And believe me, every home has an issue or two, I have yet to find a home that is perfect.  As a licensed home inspector, it is their responsibility to point out every issue with your home large or small; inspectors typically use standards such as current building code.  As I’m sure you are aware, many fields update their codes annually which can make it impossible for even a recently built home to meet every current code. Therefore, my first bit of advice when it comes to the buyers’ home inspection is, Expect the Unexpected. Even the best-made plans need adjustment.

Wear Your Thickest Skin

As homeowners, we take pride in our homes and the amount of time we spend taking care of them. Anytime we hear something negative about our hard work, our personal tastes, or the quality of our homes, it is easy to feel insulted. What can make the situation even worse is when a homeowner feels as though either the buyer, buyers’ agent or home inspector have addressed the issue with the owner in a condescending or abrasive manner.  As the owner, remember the buyer must have some sincere concerns regarding the issue or they would not be bringing it up, knowing it could risk upsetting the seller. The best thing an owner can do is not let your emotions get involved, have an honest estimate of the issue by a third-party, professional contractor and work to resolve the issue with the buyer in a positive manner.

Find a Nice Spot to Meditate

When the buyer is having their home inspection, while it is allowed, in my opinion, it is never a good idea for the seller to be present. The owner should request a copy of the report after it has been completed.  After 3-4 hours of seeing strangers go through your crawl space, checking your pipes, and looking up your chimney, owners tend to get uncomfortable with this level of intimacy in your home. All too often an owner will attend the home inspection and tend to get defensive, fill silences with uncomfortable small talk, or just plain lurk about which makes the buyer and inspector uncomfortable, resulting in the buyer having a negative experience instead of allowing them to become familiar with the largest purchase of their lives. Similar to the effect that the salesperson at the department store has when they follow you around asking if you want help every 10 seconds, an owners’ presence at the home inspection can make a buyer leave the house feeling as though they were not allowed to inspect the house in peace. My advice to any homeowner who is having their home inspected is to go somewhere and try to relax for a few hours.  As we mentioned before, issues are inevitable so you might as well get yourself in the right state of mind to deal with them. 

Check your Emotion at the Door

Now that the home inspection has been completed, ideally because you had a pre-home sale inspection, everything went great. However, if that is not the situation and the buyer has an issue with the condition of something at the house, deal with the situation in a professional manner. All too often an owner and buyer will allow emotion to dictate this part of the negotiation. As a seller, be prepared to have a licensed contractor give you estimates to repair or replace the issue of concern. Obviously, as the owner you do not have to address every issue that the inspector has documented, however typically, it is expected of you to address health and safety and major system/structural issues with the house. Having a third-party contractor give you that second opinion regarding the issue and then having a discussion with the buyer as to what is the best resolution to the problem is the best way to handle this. While difficult, do not let your emotions dictate this part of the negotiation, remember the sale of your home has not been completed and failing to resolve a home inspection contingency can easily make your sale fall apart, sending you back to square one.

As with everything in life, how prepared you are and your mindset plays a significant role in guiding us to a positive outcome. By fully understanding the process, taking the right preparatory steps, and having the right attitude a home inspection should not be the source of too much stress or anxiety, if any. At List It Real Estate, all our clients receive professional real estate advise throughout the home selling process. Visit our website to compare our marketing services at or we’re just a phone call away  at 1-800-457-1443.

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