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Why having Our Lockbox can Make your Selling Process Easier.

How it Works


Working with buyer's agents is a necessity to getting your home sold. Agents need to plan their showings in advanced and as a "for sale by owner" seller, making the scheduling process easy is the first step to working with buyer's agents. The SUPRA Lock box is the lock box used by agents all across Upstate New York. Real Estate Agents juggle with many issues during the day, which can make remembering where You, the "for sale by Owner" hid the key or what the number code to your manual Lock box was difficult and sometimes stressful. And besides, No One likes to have the salesperson follow you around the Department Store and selling your home is No Different. Having an Owner following a Buyer's Agent around the home does not give the buyer, or agent, a chance to feel Comfortable in their "New Home to be".  If you don't think having the right Lock box makes a difference, watch this.

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