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About List It Real Estate, Your Flat-Fee Marketing Experts

List It Real Estate FSBO For Sale by Owner Marketing Service is the Best hands down

Selling a home in New York as a "For Sale By Owner" property can save you thousands, but it has one major catch. For Sale by Owner, or FSBO, properties have little to no visibility. However, with the MLS, the very directory where both buyers and buyer's agents spend their time searching for available properties this is not the case. Not to mention the countless real estate websites that do not allow For Sale by Owner properties on their sites can make selling as a for sale by owner very difficult and frustrating. If buyers can't find your home, then you can't sell it.

Good News for Sale by Onwer Sellers, List It Real Estate is here to change that

With a flat fee model, List It Real Estate has created a platform through which home sellers selling their homes on their own can get the same MLS and other online directory access that sellers with agents have, without the high cost of working with an agent.

We invite you to take the time to get to know us and our model a little better, so you can see exactly how you can save on your home selling journey.

Who Is List It Real Estate?

List It Real Estate is a fully licensed and insured real estate brokerage in New York State. Located in Syracuse, we understand the local market and what it takes to succeed, have all of the same credentials of any full-service real estate brokerage, and even sell real estate using the traditional real estate model. Because we are licensed and insured, any sellers contracted with List It receive all of the same legal duties of honesty, disclosure, confidentiality and duty to account as they would be if they hired a full service real estate agent. However, because we focus on just one aspect of the home selling process - marketing - we are able to offer these services at a deep discount.

As a Broker/ Owner of List It Real Estate I have been and currently am working in the local real estate market and have been a part of over 100 completed full service real estate transactions. Having spent my entire life in the Syracuse Area, we know the Central New York market. Our marketing team realized that many home sellers were not getting to keep the most equity from their homes due to the high selling costs which include real estate agent fees. In order to combat this reality, we have refocused our efforts on providing a unique marketing plan for home sellers that will help them save money while they sell their homes. We have decided to put the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent on our training and education into this plan and share it with our clients at a deeply discounted opportunity. Most recently, we have been helping home sellers just like you save thousands on the cost of their home's sale simply by eliminating real estate agent fees.

In fact, that is our mission: To provide home sellers the most complete marketing program available, while assisting them in the growth or their personal finances. 

What Do We Do?

So what does List It Real Estate, offer that sets us apart from a traditional real estate agency? At List It, our innovative approach to real estate is designed to help you save money when selling a house.

Instead of giving you all of the services of a traditional real estate agent, and the accompanying commission costs, we provide you with the best for sale by owner marketing plan that will get your home seen, providing you will all of the legal paperwork and disclosures and assisting with the selling process over the phone by answering all of your questions and addressing any concerns. This means as a Hybrid for sale by owner you get exceptional marketing without the high cost of partnering with a real estate agent.

Because we are a licensed and insured real estate brokerage, we are able to provide you with the same, and often better, high quality marketing that a real estate agent would provide. This includes listing your home in the local MLS and nationally-known real estate websites, virtual tour, professional signage (that can be seen, not a little "contractor sign"), an electronic Realtor Lock box, and real estate website syndication. These are the very websites where interested buyers and their agents go to look for a home! You can have a professional, high-quality listing, just like sellers using an agent, but without the high cost of an agent's commission. In the end, your home will show just as well as a home listed by an agent, and at a fraction of the cost.

This innovative approach to the home selling market in New York State has one significant benefit to for sale by owners - thousands of dollars of savings. If you are thinking about putting your Syracuse New York area home for sale and want to put the most amount of money in your pocket at the closing, then List It Real Estate is ready to help.

Why Should every Home Seller Use List It Real Estate?

If you are selling a home in New York State, and specifically in the greater Syracuse region, you have many options to consider. Why should you choose List It Real Estate?  The answer is simple, our Marketing Plan is based on research as to how buyers are looking for houses and what works. Our main mission is to help Central NY home sellers save money. We have the industry knowledge, certifications and access that will give you the right marketing for your property, so you can sell it quickly, on your own without the need to pay high commissions at closing.

If you are already considering giving the For Sale By Owner marketplace a try, we will give you the marketing edge you need for success. If you are simply looking for a way to keep your home's equity at the sale, we can provide the answer you are looking for with our flat fee marketing service.

List It Real Estate Provides a Money Back Guarantee

At List It Real Estate we know that our model works. We know that home sellers in Central New York can sell their homes quicker with our marketing plans, especially if they are able to lower the price to a competitive level. Since some of our home sellers save so much on real estate commissions, one strategy they have used is to reduce the asking price of their home by a percentage and beat out the competition on price and close on their home fast.

In fact, we are so confident in our product's effectiveness that we offer a money back guarantee. If you change your mind and decide to list your home in the traditional way, we will provide you with an opportunity to get a full refund of your investment. Read more about our money back guarantee to learn how it works.

Sell Now and Start Saving Today

Marketing your hybrid for sale by owner home through List It Real Estate is easy. Our marketing does the work for you, and soon you will be receiving phone calls from interested buyers who want to schedule a showing. If you are ready to start your savings, give us a call to discuss your needs today!