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List Your Home Risk-Free with List It Real Estate's Money Back Guarantee

For Sale by Owner Syracuse NY Money Back Guarantee Discount mls

At List It Real Estate we believe in providing home sellers with the best possible value while providing exceptional home savings. We know there are numerous home sellers in Onondaga County and the greater Syracuse New York, area too excited about spending thousands of dollars on real estate agent fees but instead would prefer to sell their homes as a "for sale by owner."  However as a for sale by owner, there are the uncertainties of not having a professional guide you through the process. This gap is where our hybrid marketing plan for "for sale by owners" and professional assistance comes in play.

By offering a flat fee for sale by owner listing service, we give for sale by owners the opportunity to save home sellers thousands while enjoying much of the same and sometimes better marketing and listing services provided by a full-service real estate agent. We give you the best home seller marketing tools, explain the process and what you should expect, and let the marketing do its job of getting our by owner sellers the most showings so you can sell your home. By offering these services on a flat fee basis, we help you better budget for your home selling costs while also ensuring that you are saving money built up in the equity of your home.

Yet, at the same time, we understand that some home seller will choose to go the "for sale by owner" route at first, only to find that their home is not getting seen by the right buyers. Our hybrid for sale by owner home selling plan will get you showings and save you thousands of dollars in commissions, but you will be doing some of the work yourselves such as handling phone calls from interested buyers, scheduling showings and open houses, and negotiating the final sales price. Even with our phone and email assistance, we understand that for some home sellers, they can get overwhelmed.

That is why we offer our for sale by owner sellers a full money back guarantee. When you choose to partner with List It Real Estate for your real estate marketing needs and then decide that this type of sale is not right for you, just let us know before the listing expires and you can get a full refund of your purchase. Here is how our money back guarantee works.

Full Refund Before your By Owner Listing goes Live

If you decide to sell your by owner home with us, fill out the paperwork, send it to us and pay your fee, then change your mind and decide NOT to sell your home by owner, you can to get a 100 percent refund, no questions asked. As long as you contact us BEFORE the listing was entered into the MLS, you can get your refund.

However, once the listing is live in the MLS, the services you paid us for have been rendered as ordered. This means you cannot request a full refund at this time. For this reason, List It Real Estate recommends you do not move forward with your listing until you are confident in the for sale by owner marketing services we offer and how they can benefit you. Also, we recommend that you research all of the benefits and drawbacks of selling your home with our hybrid for sale by owner selling plan before you list with us. Remember, your listing can go live within 24-48 hours of receipt of all of receiving your photos and listing paperwork, so this window of time is relatively small.

What Happens If You Decide to Switch from our Hybrid For Sale by Owner Plan to a Realtor?

So what happens if you list through our service, then decide that you would prefer to work with a full-service real estate agent for the sale of your home? While we don't think this to be the most cost effective option, we recognize that not everyone is cut out for the "for sale by owner" process.

In this case, you still have the ability to get a full refund of your purchase with List It, but you must talk to us before taking any action. The only way for us to be able to provide you with a refund is if you work with an agent we refer you to. We partner with only those agents in the top 20 percent in the area, so we will find you an agent who is well qualified to sell homes in your area.

Simply, Here's How The By Owner Selling Guarantee this Works

Step 1: You decide you are not interested in selling your home by owner and want to work with an agent. Contact List It Real Estate to discuss your options. This must be done during the listing period before the listing has expired. Once the listing expires, our services have been completed and no refund is possible.

Step 2: We refer you to a great local real estate agent who is in the top 20 percent of sales volume in the area where your property is located. This means you can feel completely comfortable with the quality of the agent, and also don't have to struggle with looking for an agent.

Step 3: List It must set up the referral to that agent and have a written referral agreement with your new agent. If we do not have this written agreement, no refund will be issued, even if you use the agent we selected. This referral agreement does not cost you anything, but it ensures that our paperwork is in order. The commissions you pay to that real estate agent for selling your home will not change due to this referral agreement and will be negotiated between Your and that Agent.

Step 4: Sell the house with the help of the referral agent. At the closing, you will receive a full refund of your fees from List It Real Estate. If for some reason the house does not sell (for example, the market does not support the asking price) there will be no refund of your marketing purchase with List It Real Estate.

Here are a couple of points to remember about this refund:

  • Your refund is only available if you use the referred agent.
  • You must contact us first, before talking to an agent.
  • Your refund comes at the time of closing only if you sell with the referral agent. Should you switch agents, you cannot get a refund.

Our goal is to be as transparent and honest as possible with this process. It's vital that you contact us first, before pulling your listing, to ensure you have a referral set up and can receive the credit you want. If you simply cancel your service or your by owner marketing plan expires and you hire a real estate agent you found on your own, we, unfortunately, cannot offer you a refund of your listing fees.

You Have Nothing to Lose - Talk to Us First!

Because we are able and willing to offer this money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to save. If you are considering putting your home up for sale in the Greater Syracuse New York area, talk to List It Real Estate first, and learn how you can save on your own real estate commissions. Our Guarantee makes this a Risk Free option.



If you have further questions about our money back guarantee, the potential savings you could find through our hybrid for sale by owner marketing plan, or how you can get started with your own listing? Contact List It Real Estate today to learn more.