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Who Can Benefit from List It Real Estate’s Marketing?

Best For Sale by Owner Home Selling Marketing in Syracuse NY

List It Real Estate provides the Greater Syracuse NY area for sale by owner home sellers all of the marketing tools that national brokerages use to sell their properties. From MLS listings to professional signage to extensive online marketing, we give you the tools to sell your home effectively, all with one simple upfront fee and no high sales commissions paid at closing*. This marketing plan gives "for sale by owners" an affordable and professional way to sell your home.

So who can benefit from these services?

Here are some of the types of Upstate New York home sellers who can benefit from our affordable and professional home selling marketing tools.

For Sale By Owners and All Home Sellers Looking to Get More Eyes on Your Property & More Home Buyers Through Your Doors

List It Real Estate offers hybrid comprehensive real estate marketing services that quickly get your by owner home listed and seen by the MOST potential buyers. For many for sale by owners, our services lead to a much faster sale of the property.

When you contract with List It Real Estate, your for sale by owner automatically get an MLS listing for your property. In addition, we market the property in a number of syndicated websites, provide professional signage, social media placement, a professional lock box, create a video virtual tour of the property and even create a flyer you can distribute to tell others about your home. This means we will get as many potential eyes on your property as possible, using both national and local listing venues, increasing your chances of a fast sale.

In addition, because you are not relying on a real estate agent to show the property and schedule open houses, you are free to schedule as many open houses as you wish. As we all know, real estate agents have to balance their time among many different clients, and as a result they cannot dedicate all of their time to marketing your property for sale. When you sell with an agent, you must work within the agent's schedule.

When you sell a house on your own, your only focus is selling your home. This means you can schedule unlimited showings, make more posts to classified ad websites, make as many social media posts about your property, etc. as much as your schedule allows. This means more showings and more potential buyers seeing your property, which can lead to a faster sale. Since real estate agents must balance their time between different clients, their time per client is limited.

Owners who Want to Sell Any type of Real Estate Quickly!

Regardless of the type of real estate you are selling, if you need to sell quickly, a competitive price will be the key. Real estate priced at or just below market value sells quickly. List It Real Estate for sale by owner marketing allows you to lower your listing price because you are not paying the approximately 3 percent to the listing real estate agent and with the potential to save approximately 6 percent if you are selling to a buyer without a real estate agent.

You, the owner still net the same money as you would if you sold your home with the traditional real estate brokerage, BUT with a lower price that will attract more buyers and sell quicker. Add to this the exceptional home seller marketing plan provided by List It, a by owner can cut your time on the market significantly.

Anyone Looking to Save Money Selling their Property!

We all want to save money, right? If you think that you can handle the task of showing your house and negotiating a sale, then you can now avoid the thousands of dollars due in real estate agent commission!* Also, since New York is an attorney state, you are required to have a legal professional advise and help guide you to your closing, allowing you to save money on real estate commissions. Why pay double? Paying a couple hundred dollars for marketing up front is certainly cheaper than paying thousands in commissions at the closing.

In Neighborhoods with High Turnover Houses Just "Sell Themselves" - Why Pay Someone for Unneeded Services

For some Central New York neighborhoods, it is always a sellers market. These are the homes in well-desired neighborhoods throughout the Syracuse and Upstate NY area that practically sell themselves. You know the neighborhoods because most of your friends like these neighborhoods and houses always seem to be selling fast there. All you need to sell a home in a neighborhood with high turnover is a way to tell buyers your home is available. If you think your home is in a neighborhood that will as I like to describe it "sell itself", then consider using the best and most complete for sale by owner marketing plan to sell your property. Our marketing plan will place your home in front of all active local and out of town buyers, in a professional manner, looking to buy in your neighborhood. Why Not Save thousands and not pay for real estate services you do not need*.

House Flippers/Investors - Put More Money in Your Pocket Without Paying Realtor Commissions

When your a real estate investor, every dollar matters, especially in a competitive market like Upstate New York's' where it's hard to flip houses for a high profit. If you are in the market to make money by buying, renovating and then selling a house by paying a real estate agent; well, this means thousands of dollars of your potential profits are paid, instead, to the agent that earned as profit.

Yet investor owners only need a turn key marketing plan in order to sell your remodeled and updated home. After all, you may not have the time, knowledge or access, to market your investment properly and ensure that the home is being seen in a competitive arena, all while managing multiple properties, dealing with tenants and looking for your next great investment.

That's where List It Real Estate's hybrid for sale by owner marketing can help. If you are already familiar with the real estate process, but just need a little bit of help to get your home seen, we can handle the marketing end for you, giving you the ability to focus on the active parts of selling and investing. With the Best Marketing Plan for home owners, our marketing efforts will bring buyers to you at a fraction of the cost of a real estate agent's commissions, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Besides, as a reminder, if the buyer does not have a real estate agent, you make more on your investment.

Landlords/ Owners - Effectively Market Your Available Renters

Do you have properties in the Syracuse NY area available for rent? Vacancies are costly problems, and List It Real Estate can help limit the amount of time your properties sit vacant. Typically landlords hire real estate agents to market their property which ends up costing them a full months rent, and is some situations more. In addition to our marketing services for home sellers, we have a rental marketing package that provides an affordable way for you to market your rental units. Using national and local real estate websites, as well as professional signage, we will help you find interested local and out-of-town renters, so you can limit your vacancy times and increase your profits.

Low Equity Sales & Pre-Foreclosure Home Owners - Stop Overpaying to Sell Your House and Avoid that Short Sale

There's no denying the most recent real estate crisis has hurt the real estate market in the Syracuse New York area as well as the entire country, and some home owners are still underwater in their homes equity. When you owe more than the market will give you for your home, the last thing you want to do is spend even more on real estate commissions when you do find an interested buyer.

The same could be said for home owners who need to sell and have not been in their home long enough to accumulate equity. If you recently purchased your property and would like to move or need to sell due to a life circumstance, List It's marketing plans allow you to save thousands and could limit the amount loss or potentially allow you could break even from your sale.

Saving money with List It's real estates by owner marketing plan allows you to sell the home for less money while bringing in the same amounts as you would with a full service real estate company, so you can get rid of the low equity property and move on with your life quicker. The commission savings may give some sellers the opportunity to avoid foreclosure or short sale, because of the thousands saved on the cost of the sale. If you have little equity in your home, but need to sell, your first step should always be to consult your attorney/ accountant to discuss your options.

Low equity sales can result from properties being purchased just a short time prior. If you haven't had much time in your house to build up equity, but need to sell, paying a real estate agent means money lost. You can avoid this problem by selling on your own with a flat fee for the best for sale by owner marketing plan available. 

Estate Properties - Keep More Money in the Estate

Typically when selling property that is part of an estate, the new owners need to sell quickly and for a good price, so the money can stay within the heirs to the estate. List It's for sale by owner marketing plan gives owners the tools necessary to sell your home, maximize your profits and save thousands. As a typical option for estate property sellers is to lower the sales price to achieve a fast home sale, our marketing plan gives them the opportunity to compensate for the savings in commissions and create a faster sale. If you have little equity in the property, selling it as a "For Sale by Owner" allows you to keep more of the property's value exactly where it belongs, in the estate or inheritance.


If you find yourself in one of these categories or are you just curious to learn more about our the best and most comprehensive marketing packages for Syracuse New York area by owner home sellers and landlords? Contact List It Real Estate today to get the answers to all of your questions. Our contact information is in the lower right corner of our site. Be sure to ask about our money back guarantee, which means our services are virtually risk-free!




* All listings must offer a buyers agent a commission as per the rules of the Multiple Listing Service. With List It Real Estate the seller does not pay a sellers agent portion of the real estate commission.